Regarding your recent editorial on Howard County's effort to limit sales of unhealthy foods at county-sponsored events or venues, it's quite apparent that you do not understand our fundamental rights under the Constitution ("Fireworks in Howard County," July 7).

Our Founding Fathers declared independence from tyranny. Might I suggest watching the John Adams series on HBO? It's very educational.


The president's ridiculous "executive orders" are simply the government acting as a dictatorship.

We have already been told what light bulbs are "best" for us and the environment. The government has mandated that. Yet it turns out that the banned light bulbs are better for the environment than the mandated bulbs over the long run.

I am for freedom of choice in all matters. Gay marriage, a woman's choice to have an abortion and a human being's right to choose how to treat their own bodies.

I am personally a health nut and an exercise proponent. However, you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink.

Through education, people will be able to make the choices best for them.

We are each on our own life's journey. We learn by our mistakes. Some never learn. You can't legislate stupidity.

If Howard County Executive Ken Ulman and the rest of the liberals who claim to be so passionate about a woman's right to choose mean what they say, shouldn't they be just as passionate about the right to choose what goes in one's own mouth?

This is not about curbing health costs and obesity, it's about control.

Peggy Crawford


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