Readers Respond

An alternative in the 1st

What if Congress was bought and sold by corporate interests?

What if tax loopholes and regulatory exemptions were bought and sold in the halls of Congress?


What if both major political parties have become ineffective at addressing the issues of the day?

What if the Constitution was actually designed to restrict government but we continue to elect people to Congress and the presidency who ignore it?


What if our use of drones kill more civilians than terrorists and create more enemies for America?

What if peace is cheaper than war? What if we had leaders that listened to and adhered to the guidance of our founders such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison?

What if we elected people to Congress who actually believe our government should be constrained inside the Constitution? What if those choices are actually on the ballot?

What if the private sector was freed from government regulations and an oppressive tax system? What if that actually created tens of millions of new jobs and made our manufacturing sector competitive with the rest of the world?

What if the 1st District of Maryland had someone else other than Andy Harris representing them in Congress who supports civil liberties? What if we had a congressman who would have vehemently opposed the Patriot Act, the National Defense Authorization Act, Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act and was not on the hook to special interest for hundreds of thousands of dollars?

What if that person was actually on the ballot? Well, I am.

Muir Boda, Salisbury

The writer is the Libertarian candidate in Maryland's 1st Congressional District.