Why Clinton is unfit to be president

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Columnist Dan Rodricks' piece on why some voters support Donald Trump was insulting ("Given positive economic trends, Trump a big risk," Sept. 17).

He suggests that white males' animosity toward Hillary Clinton "has more to do with Clinton's gender than anything else."


I do not like Ms. Clinton or Mr. Trump and have not voted for either of them. I have been a Republican and a Democrat because I vote for the person and not the party.

I could vote for numerous women if they opposed Mr. Trump and I would vote against an unqualified women who ran against him. I do not care about gender.


I am against Hillary because her only consideration is who will pay her the most money. She and her husband went from zero money to $250 million when she had a government job and he had no job.

How do you do that without selling favors? When Ms. Clinton was secretary of state, her husband and former president Bill Clinton got millions of dollars in speaking fees from corporations that were involved with the State Department.

After Ms. Clinton left the State Department she got $21 million in two years for speeches from corporations that thought she could help them when she became president. In the controversy over her emails, Ms. Clinton said one thing to Congress and the opposite to the FBI. That's perjury.

Ms. Clinton kept classified documents on her personal email server. I had a secret clearance and was told if I took any classified material home I would go to prison or at least lose my security clearance.

Ms. Clinton seems to be above ordinary people and can keep secret documents on a server in her basement that was probably hacked by our enemies. She should never have received a secret clearance and she cannot be president.

I am not against a female president. But this woman is not qualified

Stanley J. Glinka, Ellicott City