Maryland needs renewable energy

Weird weather a reminder of how Maryland must lead the battle against climate change

The first day of spring ironically delivered another snowstorm in Maryland ("Before spring, snow threatens Baltimore once more," March 19). Fluke weather patterns are expected to become more severe as climate change persists. The extreme shifts from warm sunny days to cold, wintry ones takes a toll on native species, agricultural crops and on people.

Maryland is one of the states that is posited to experience the worst effects of climate change in the country. Thus it is critical that we pass the Clean Energy Advancement Act which would double the amount of renewable energy available to Maryland residents and businesses. This bill would not only spur a stark improvement in air quality but would also drastically reduce Maryland's greenhouse gas emissions.

By demonstrating our refusal to allow a business-as-usual paradigm that would turn our state into a sacrifice zone, we can lead the nation in a movement to de-legitimize and take power away from the fossil fuel industry. It is time to move forward with renewable energy and end the dirty and dangerous fossil fuel era.

Alexa White, Catonsville

The writer is a student at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

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