Those protesting a potential water contract were right to take a stand ("Protesters question city water system study," Aug. 13).

It's much better to preempt conversation about our city's water system than wait until a non-transparent contract has already been signed.


After reading The Sun's coverage, I did some research and learned that the world's largest private water corporation, Veolia, is trying to infiltrate our community.

I'm concerned because Veolia has a track record of putting profits over people at any and all costs. In cities from Paris to Indianapolis, those costs have fallen squarely on the shoulders of the community. Why would our community want advice from such a corporation?

Water is a human right and one of our most vital public goods. We elected city officials to make important decisions for us, but we also trust them to consider what is best for the public.

Our elected officials must think deeply about their choice for our water system because the relationship between a city and its residents lasts much longer than the one between a city and a foreign corporation.

Jake Savage, Baltimore


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