Embry is the best choice for mayor

She's the only candidate up to the task of leading Baltimore.

On April 26 Baltimore will elect the person who for all practical purposes will become the next mayor of Charm City.

It is difficult to continue to call today's Baltimore, with its record crime and violence, Charm City. With a population of only 620,000, Baltimore has become the murder and crime capital of the country. This horrible record, along with many other significant challenges, will face the city's next mayor.

With 13 candidates in the Democratic mayoral primary, now is not the time to elect the cast of retreads who are once again seeking office. This group includes former mayor Sheila Dixon, Councilman Carl Stokes and State Sen. Catherine Pugh, who is also a former member of the Baltimore City Council.

All have been in elective office an aggregate total of 40 years. Two candidates have financial and ethical lapses in their past and current involvements in public office. These candidates have been part of the good, the bad and the ugly as the city has declined. None of them have the background and experience to be successful as mayor.

Baltimore needs a new face in the mayor's office, with new ideas and plans to make the Baltimore City thrive and succeed again.

Only one candidate for mayor has the experience, vision and ability to successfully fill the office. In the Democratic primary on April 26, that candidate is Elizabeth Embry.

Fletcher R. Hall, Baltimore

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