Bunk immigrant children at 1600 Penn. Ave. [Letter]

President Barack Obama seems to be having quite a difficult time trying to find shelter for the thousands of immigrant children who have swarmed into our country ("U.S. considering new Md. sites for immigrant children," June 17).

His administration has been met with nothing but disappointment and defiant opposition from representatives and citizens from Maryland, Indiana, Oklahoma and Virginia. I don't quite understand why finding shelter for the children is so mind-boggling for someone as bright as President Obama. The White House is situated on 18 acres of fenced in, constantly guarded property. Bring in FEMA temporary housing and voila!

The children will have safe, clean accommodations, access to a swimming pool, basketball court, children's garden, tennis court, golf putting range and Michelle Obama's nonstop, gushing concern about every child's plight in this country. Problem solved.

Katherine Ambrose, Kingsville

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