Ben Carson's own words show he's ill-suited to office

Ben Carson unfit for White House? He's already made the point himself.

Thomas Schaller makes a strong case that Dr. Ben Carson should stick to medicine ("Carson should stick to medicine," Feb. 3). Mr. Schaller did not need to stray far for evidence: He cites Dr. Carson's own public pronouncements for curing the nation's ills, namely, his call for a flat tax which has been discredited by virtually every reputable economist and his strategy of attrition for shrinking the size of government.

These policy prescriptions reflect an alarmingly shallow grasp of complex public policy issues. A common thread in the reactions of Sun readers to Mr. Schaller's column is that President Barack Obama had no relevant experience before becoming president and thus by that analogy, Dr. Carson is qualified for that office. These critics overlook that Mr. Obama held elected office in both the Illinois State Senate and the United States Senate. Whether one likes Mr. Obama's politics or not, he did not leap directly from "community organizer" to the White House.

Further scrutiny of Dr. Carson's public comments reveal even more troubling statements, such as his comparison of the U.S. to Nazi Germany (in December of last year) and the Affordable Care Act to slavery (October of 2013). These are not words one expects to hear from a serious candidate for high elected office, they are the words of a demagogue.

Charles W. Mitchell, Parkton

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