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Sun's attacks on Del. Jon Cardin are unfair [Letter]

To attack a candidate for taking a picture with one of hundreds of attendees at an event in support of their candidacy is both absurd and hypocritical ("Jon Cardin rejects rapper's support after learning of criminal charges," June 5).

Regardless of affiliation, race, creed, gender or criminal background, voters across Maryland are embracing Del. Jon Cardin's candidacy for state attorney general because of his vision for the Free State.


While The Sun continues to try and embarrass the race's front-runner, it only solidifies his support among voters who are tired of Democratic coronations by the party elite — and the news publications that embrace their rhetoric.

While rapper Lawrence Christian, aka Ski Money, may not have the most savory of criminal backgrounds, many of the self-righteous people now attacking Mr. Cardin are themselves guilty of taking money from corporations who have themselves perpetrated crimes against the citizens of Maryland for decades.


You cannot talk about redemption on one hand, campaigning in communities of color for shielding laws and voter restoration for former felons, and then on the other hand attack someone because of their criminal background.

And while all three of the Democratic candidates for attorney general have plenty to offer the citizens of this great state, it is Mr. Cardin's leadership over the past decade on issues of voting, civil and human rights that make his quest for this office so attractive to all voters, despite personal or political mishaps.

Hassan Giordano, Baltimore


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