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Why Jon Cardin isn't ready to be attorney general [Letter]

I wanted to respond to Lawrence S. Greenberg's letter in support of Del. Jon Cardin ("Cardin ready to be attorney general," May 12).

I have only known Mr. Cardin since 2003, as a constituent. But what I can tell you is that when I needed him, he wasn't there for me.


I had an issue with the Homestead Tax Credit that I needed to discuss with him, as the attorney general was, in my opinion, intentionally misinterpreting a slightly vague law. I wanted him to introduce a bill to clarify the language so that the real property law and tax property law were consistent with each other.

Mr. Cardin repeatedly refused to talk to me. He never answered his phone, his aides promised phone calls back but never delivered. I eventually got sick of trying to contact him and spoke with Del. Dan Morhaim, who told me that Mr. Cardin was the best person to talk to since the bill should originate in his tax committee.


I pointed out that Mr. Cardin wouldn't talk to me, and Dr. Morhaim told me he'd ask him to talk to me. After Dr. Morhaim talked to Mr. Cardin, the delegate did call me back. However, he acted as if this was my first attempt to contact him and never apologized for blowing me off. Mr. Cardin seemed more concerned with keeping the calls short so he could get back to his "day job" rather than actually understanding the issues involved.

A bill was introduced and then repeatedly amended after discussions with the attorney general, during which it was modified so that it re-iterated the original inconsistent interpretation. The last time I spoke with Mr. Cardin, he seemed upset that I was wasting his time to try to get the attorney general's amendments undone. He said it was too late to do anything about it, and that he'd take care of it next session. Ten years later, he still hasn't done anything about it.

Between my personal experiences with him, his absolutely poor judgment using Baltimore City Police resources for his engagement stunt, and his stunning record of absence from committee votes, I can only conclude that Mr. Cardin's only interest is in political power and to attempt to use the attorney general's job as a stepping stone to higher office.

He has repeatedly demonstrated his lack of judgment and respect for the government's resources and power and he has a complete lack of experience running a large law firm. For me, it's an absolute no-brainer to endorse state Sen. Brian Frosh, who has consistently worked hard and shown good judgment in the exercise of his Senate position over Mr. Cardin's immaturity and absenteeism.

Daniel Meyer


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