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Pugh's fundraising may have been legal but it was wrong

The senator raised $570,833 from lobbyists and others during the 90-day session.

The Sun's Doug Donovan did an excellent job in reporting how careful candidates must be in raising money to pursue public office ("Candidates hit up colleagues, lobbyists for money during Maryland General Assembly — and it's legal," April 22),

The law is flawed in allowing state Sen. Catherine Pugh to collect money from people appearing before her Finance Committee while the General Assembly is in session. Ms. Pugh raised $570,833 in contributions from lobbyists and others during the 90-day session.

That may be legal but it simply doesn't smell right. Mailings and events should be enough before and after the legislature is in session.

Would that put a candidate at a disadvantage? Perhaps. But wouldn't it be better to be good when handling the influence of donors before an influential committee than to have your campaign finance report look good with larger numbers than your competitors?

If I were Senator Pugh I'd return any money from lobbyists raised during the past session of the General Assembly. She should know what she did isn't right, and she should fix it.

Ralph E. Moore Jr., Baltimore

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