I just read Leonard Pitts' column in the Baltimore Sun ('Our blacks' vs. 'their blacks': Why conservatives shouldn't talk about race," Nov. 6). Based on what I have read, he is "Exhibit A" for the African-Americans who have been "brainwashed" by the liberals and Democratic Party. He makes the statement at the end of his column that conservatives have "never" stood with the blacks. How wrong can you be? He does not know the history of what conservative Republicans have done to support Civil Rights in this country in the 20th Century. Let us look at what conservative Republicans have done.

During World War II it was conservative General Dwight D. Eisenhower who argued for introducing black combat units into the war. His was a lonely voice for a long time, but he eventually succeeded.


It was President Eisenhower who found that liberal President Truman never followed up on his executive order to desegregate the military. Eisenhower found little if anything was done between Truman signing the order and Eisenhower assuming the presidency. Eisenhower demanded that the order be implemented, gave the military a deadline, and tracked their progress until it was done.

Eisenhower extended the desegregation order to include military housing and the schools for military dependents. These schools included on-base schools and off-base schools. He threatened to withhold school impact funding if the civilian schools with military dependents did not integrate.

His Justice Department took the school board of Washington, D.C. to court to force the integration of the school system. Few people know that Brown vs. the Board of Education ruling was actually a ruling involving three desegregation lawsuits. One of those was the suit Eisenhower brought against Washington. When Eisenhower won, he had the Washington school system integrated in two years.

Eisenhower was the first president to get civil rights laws based since the end of reconstruction. The first was the 1957 Civil Rights Act that liberals like to say was ineffective. I strongly disagree with this. For those who argue that it was ineffective, I ask how would the Little Rock riots ended if it was not for the 1957 Civil Rights Act? Prior to that act, no president had any legal authority to support or enforce a federal court order. This act gave the president the authority to use any means necessary to enforce a court order if a federal judge and local community requested federal assistance.

Two days after signing the act into law, and after coaching the federal judge and mayor of Little Rock on what to ask for, Eisenhower deployed federal troops to put down the riots, secure the safety of the three students, and enforce the integration order.

Eisenhower was the first president to use a litmus test on individuals he nominated for federal judgeships. When you look at who appointed the judges that ruled for blacks on civil rights cases, almost all were appointed by Eisenhower.

Eisenhower was the first president to appoint a black to the White House staff.

Richard Nixon was an active civil rights supporter. All of the schools in the South had to be integrated in 1970. Everyone feared this and thought there would be a blood bath. It was Nixon who brought both white and black leaders from the south together and convinced them to develop an integration plan. The results was a peaceful start to the school year without any riots.

Richard Nixon was the individual who implemented affirmative action in America.

The conservative Republicans provided the winning votes to get the 1964 Civil Right Act and the 1968 Voters Rights Act passed.

The conservative Republicans did not oppose the civil rights measures in the South; they were opposed by the conservative Democrats.

This is a short history that liberals and black leaders want to forget. They do not want to even acknowledge this history. The black leaders of today have placed their loyalty to the Democratic Party over their obligations to their race. All you have to do to see what I am saying is true, is to see how these so called leaders react to conservative blacks. They do not care what conservative blacks feel about race issues, all they care about is how they feel about other issues. If they do not support those issues, then they attack and try to destroy anyone who does not support their line of thinking. They attack their character and accuse them of being traitors to their race. They are afraid to debate conservatives ideas on anything.

Conservatives are owed an apology as we have always stood for civil rights.

Daniel E. Samis