Great Britain just became a little less great

I hope the plague of stupid currently afflicting the English people is not contagious — though I am concerned given that Britons have committed something resembling national suicide in their vote to leave the European Union ("Brexit's judgment day," June 22).

They have actually caused severe damage to themselves. The leaders of the "Leave" movement are now backpedaling on their promises. They should be tried for treason.


There were seemingly elevated discussions about the Brussels bureaucracy and the need for local decision making. Sound familiar?

The states' rights movement in our country was simply code for segregation. The "Leave" movement in the UK was really centered on fear of immigrants.

The English have proved to be true hypocrites. They have traveled to the far corners of the world and have exploited and subjugated those peoples for centuries. They have profited from the slave trade and have generally behaved as entitled twits. Their disregard for the dignity of others is documented in the annals of world history.

In our country we have seen a certain businessman with a bad haircut appeal to the fears of many people. We are facing the prospect of government by a dictator with the most limited vocabulary of any prospective leader in modern American history.

How can such a small, self-centered man make America great again when he has such limited intelligence and knowledge of public affairs? We need not make the same mistake as the English who voted for their own downfall.

We can do better. We can be smart. We can vote for a more prosperous future for all Americans — and we can avoid the abyss.

Edward McCarey McDonnell, Baltimore