Readers Respond

BDS movement seeks to divide blacks and Jews

I was born and raised in Montgomery, Ala., during the era of Martin Luther King Jr. and George Wallace. My father's grocery store was at the edge of a housing project, and I played with African-American children growing up.

Like many of my contemporaries, I am more liberal than many who grew up in the North. I cannot fully put into words how hurt I am by the linkage of racism in America to the Israel-Arab conflict in the Middle East.


The leadership of Black Lives Matter has accused Israel of "genocide."

Recently, on the day of the Fast of the 9th of Av, we sat on the floor in the synagogue and cried over the destruction of 6 million Jews and millions of other innocents in World War II. There is, heaven forbid, no Auschwitz in the Holy Land. To accuse Israel, which is built on the ashes of a real Holocaust, is cruel.


Black Lives Matter has allied itself with the Boycott, Divest and Sanction movement, which wants to boycott Israel and make it a pariah on the world stage.

We can all agree that the Israelis and Palestinians have to resolve their conflicting narratives and make peace with one another. Why contaminate a worthwhile cause — Black Lives Matter — with left-wing, anti-Israel distortions and anti-Semitism?

African-Americans have had no better or more loyal friends than members of the Jewish community. Why chase us away?

Leonard Oberstein