Pills don't prevent STDs

Why does Susan Reimer want insurance coverage for birth control pills when condoms are a better answer?

This letter is in response to Susan Reimer's column about the GOP's attitude about birth control ("On birth control, young Republicans get it," April 15). I think Ms. Reimer's opinion is very narrow-minded. While I agree that young people often have premarital sex with no desire to procreate, I think that oral contraception is not the answer.

Oral contraception does not prevent sexually transmitted diseases. We know that Human Papilloma Virus is what causes most cases of cervical cancer. This is why there is a big push for teenagers to be vaccinated against the disease. Protecting young people from sexually transmitted diseases should be just as high a priority as protecting them from unwanted pregnancies.

If Ms. Reimer truly cares about the health of young people, she should declare war on the insurance companies to provide free condoms.

Lisa Nash

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