Do they really expect us to believe bin Laden is dead?

Does anyone believe Osama bin Laden is dead? He supposedly died in 2007, we've heard nothing since, then all of a sudden he's dead again.

This would not be the first time the government misrepresented the facts.


Are we suppose to believe a president who wouldn't even make public his birth certificate?

I think it's an Obama ploy to make himself look good for re-election. After all, how does a vastly inexperienced, non-military president eradicate bin Laden when previous, experienced presidents couldn't?


I want to see bin Laden's body, but we can't. A day after his demise he was disposed of at sea. Why do you think that is?

Maybe he was really already dead and someone had to be disposed of to make it seem that bin Laden was killed when he wasn't.

Why wouldn't our government want us to see bin Laden's body, unless it wasn't his?

Sooner or later the government will figure out that we aren't as gullible or as stupid as it thinks.

Terry Berry, Linthicum