Building a better BGE bill [Letter]

Letter writer Lois Raimondi asks if she should cut back on her medication to pay for BGE's rate increases ("Will PSC ever turn down BGE?" July 9).

I can't do that as I have already cut out all of my medications, including vitamins. Next she asks if she should get a cheaper cut of meat. Meat? I wish!


We keep our air conditioner at 84 degrees and our heat at 68 or lower, so there is not too much we can do there except turn them off completely.

But I do have one suggestion for BG&E. How about if they lower the rates for the first units of power that a consumer uses, then gradually increase rates the more that a household uses?

That way the wasteful users who have their A/C set at 60 and their heat at 80 and don't turn it up or down when they're out might be encouraged to use less electricity, while those who try hard to economize can keep their bills down.

BGE's income could stay the same, the wasters pay for their waste, the poor and careful pay less and everyone is happy.

If use goes down, even the environment wins as we put less pollution and climate changing gases into the air that we breathe.

David Liddle


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