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The Sun's Benghazi editorial is laughable

I am sitting here open-mouthed at your editorial regarding the Benghazi hearings ("Benghazi deserves a real review," May 9). Maybe you should let one of your staff actually watch them before making fools of yourselves.

You state that the administration's claim that the attacks were connected to protests over a film was not really a leap. It wasn't a leap, it was actually a lie. Foreign Service officer Gregory Hicks stated that they knew immediately that it was a terror attack.

You say that the Republican talking points are designed to discredit Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama. What about the talking points delivered by Democratic spokesmen and spokeswomen for at least a week after the attacks? Don't you understand that if the truth were admitted initially, there would have been a better chance of apprehending those responsible?

At the very least this was a dereliction of duty and it was certainly a cover-up. Because our forces were told to stand down twice, it could also be called negligent homicide.

I think this should engender more interest than just what you snidely call the amen corner of Fox news. Start watching; maybe you will get your facts straight.

Mignon Rosenthal, Pikesville

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