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Who pays the price of plastic bag use? [Letter]

Letter writer H.J. Jackson makes some good points about the proposed 5-cent bag tax ("Plastic bags a nuisance but so is a fee," May 11).

But why shouldn't there be a charge for bags? After all, the store has to pay for them, and if we want to use them why shouldn't we not pay for them?


There is an additional cost to plastic bags that we should pay for too — the cost of picking them up and the cost to us of dead animals, birds and fish that are killed when they ingest them. Who better to pay this cost than those who use them?

In fact, the charge should be a lot more. Why not charge enough to carry out the clean-up necessitated by plastic bag use? Charge 25 cents or 50 cents or even a dollar. The use of the bags would drop by 90 percent or more: Problem solved!


Don't forget we do not have to pay this charge, just use reusable bags. A one-time fee of 50 cents or a dollar and you have a bag that you can use over and over, thus saving money, avoiding ugly trash and saving the lives of countless animals. Reusable bags are even available free in many places.

Who could possibly find fault with this? It is a win, win, win, situation. Everyone gets what they want. How often does that happen these days?

David Liddle


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