Teaching kids about Clinton

If Trump can manage to shift attention to his opponent, he has material to work with.

Tricia Bishop's column ("Trump: the assaulter-in-chief," Oct 13) about Donald Trump was right on target. However, it was not complete. What about Hillary Clinton?

Is it OK to tell your children that it was all right for Mrs. Clinton to trash the women who claimed her husband was a sexual abuser? And it's OK to ignore the fact that one of the women, Paula Jones, settled her claim with former President Bill Clinton for $850,000, which caused him to lose his law license for several years?


Is it OK to tell your children to disregard her "pay to play" role as secretary of state in providing favors to her supporters in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation?

Is it OK to say to your children to close their eyes when Ms. Clinton put our country's security in serious jeopardy by her misuse of her email system?

Is it OK to say to children that it's all right to overlook that she was derelict in her duty regarding the attack on the United States government compound in Benghazi that resulted in one of her ambassadors getting killed? Is it OK to ignore her part in the cover-up?

Unfortunately, in the presidential race, neither Ms. Clinton nor Mr. Trump deserves your vote. I believe our country will survive regardless which of these two wins the presidency, however.

As for the other races, all incumbents, be they Democrat or Republican, should be voted out of office because career politicians are ruining our country. Finally, join the Jaffe Movement which is designed to start the process of ending the moral bankruptcy and corruption in our political system.

Ralph Jaffe, Baltimore