Animal abusers are likely to abuse other people as well [Letter]

The judge who threw the book at an animal abuser knows what animal abuse, too often, leads to.

I can only shake my head after reading your not-so-cleverly titled editorial "Man's Best Friend" (Oct. 12).

The facts in the Taylor case are more than "pretty horrific." But the point is that animal abusers often do not stop with animals. Mass murderers Albert DeSalvo, David Berkowitz and Jeffery Dahmer all practiced on animals before they turned on people.

Over 50 percent of female victims of spousal abuse report that their partners threatened, injured or killed a family pet. The FBI now reports animal cruelty as a Group A felony, along with such crimes as arson, homicide and assault.

Your view implies that only an animal lover would have rendered a one-year sentence in the Taylor case. Animal lover or not, I'd like to think Judge Jordan rendered his sentence based not only on the evidence but on a deeper understanding of what justice requires when confronted with a person who tortures and kills.

Leo Howard Lubow, Baltimore

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