The Democrats of this state have no idea that Obamacare is a disgrace ("Brown's conflict," Dec. 12). They do not even grasp the complexity of the problems associated with this "train wreck" as U.S. Sen. Max Baucus called it. Democrats by themselves have constructed this fiasco.

The website is the least of the problems associated with this law. The navigators do not have to go through a federal criminal background check, but you are required to give them your most personal information like birth date, Social Security number, mother's maiden name, and everything in a hacker's fantasy to grab for identity theft that is already a mounting problem with this law.


Let's not forget to mention the Internal Revenue Service is trying to rewrite legislation on subsidies that has generated over five lawsuits that have the ability to cripple this thing. Let's not mention the fact that most people who can sign up for coverage are going right on Medicaid, which is the equivalent of making a run on the banks during a financial crisis. This alone could bankrupt Obamacare.

Let's not forget the sticker shock of premiums doubling, out of pocket costs increasing and subsidy help that is next to nothing. The Democrats are raving that there is a high demand for this product, but they forget this is the first time in American history where we the people are forced to buy a private product of the government's choice or face supposedly fierce tax penalties. This is coercion with punitive consequences.

Let's not forget all of the riders that are added by law. Let's say you are a gay male age 55, do not smoke, drink, or take drugs with no mental illness in your family whatsoever. Guess what type of insurance you have to buy? A policy that has pregnancy rider with mental health coverage, substance abuse, and a lot of other things driving up the cost. And guess what? The same thing holds true for a woman with no kids and no relatives and went through menopause. And you wonder why costs are going through the roof. This has led to more lawsuits. There is no choice in plans when they are all the same.

Let's talk about if you like your health plan, you can keep it. Well, that was a known lie from the minute President Barack Obama spoke and Gov. Martin O'Malley and Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown repeated it at least 100 times in speeches. Yet the law was designed for people to lose their policies. In fact, evidence is coming out now that they knew it when they were drafting it. The Democrats are bragging about high demand for their product when that is not the case at all.

Let's not forget some of the taxes incorporated over this law such as the tanning bed tax. Now this is a racially-motivated tax against white people because who else tans? Let us not forget the medical device taxes that are driving up costs to physicians and hospitals which, in turn, is pushed right onto us in higher premiums.

Let's also not forget the millions of Americans reduced to part-time employment because companies say they can't afford to pay for their insurance or face penalties. This is why we are still in a recession and not an economic recovery like the media want you to believe. I could go on and on with the problems with this law because it is that bad. If you were the type of person who is scared of the amount of data the National Security Agency is gathering on the American population, this database the feds are collecting with Obamacare should completely scare you to death.

Governor O'Malley and Lieutenant Governor Brown forget that just because laws exist does not mean they should stay on the books — or be followed. States are not obligated to enforce federal laws with our manpower. They've forgotten that slavery was a law, too, as was segregation. Democrats don't like to remember the dark days of their party which embraced those ideas but we got rid of that crap. This law was never about helping people get medical attention, it had everything to do about controlling the population. That's something the Democratic Party wants to do time and time again. Liberalism has again become a dirty word.

Joe Collins Jr., Baltimore


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