Breen's Trump, Putin summit cartoon deserves a medal

  (Steve Breen)

Steve Breen is a master of comedy and of double entendre. Thanks to Breen for starting my day and my week with a good laugh.

His cartoon about “Russian Medaling,” (July 22), perfectly describes the current situation at the White House and in Helsinki.


Virginia Redman


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Steve Breen's cartoon shows the president, as if hypnotized, placing the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Vladimir Putin, Russia's dictator. Does Trump, while seeming to have a fixation with strongmen around the world, know the difference between "meddling" and "medaling" in our elections as he cooperates with Putin and his accomplices?

Putin's frozen facial expression masks his knowledge that he will use means, no matter how unscrupulous, to achieve, expand and maintain his own political power. Will he be prominently seated beside Trump at our ostentatious military parade?

Most Republicans in Congress appear to ignore Russian influence on our president, who allows himself to be manipulated and used by Putin. Does Putin have something very damaging and/or embarrassing about Trump which keeps the president so submissive to him?

The FBI and Robert Mueller's team are uncovering and starting to expose, within and outside our government, the destructive work of enemies of the U.S.

Beverly Joan Garber

San Diego

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