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Our Baltimore

Wes Moore: I understand Baltimore, and it understands me

Several years ago, my wife Dawn and I decided to move back to Baltimore to raise our family. Leaving my investment banking job in New York, I did not expect my friends there to understand the decision. What I also did not expect is that many of my friends in Baltimore would not understand it either.

Our Baltimore: Alec MacGillis on the need for tough love and explaining ‘The Tragedy of Baltimore’

The fact that Baltimore has suffered an extraordinary breakdown of public safety and governance over the past four years is not a “narrative” — it is reality, a reality that has caused profound pain for many hundreds and has heightened daily fear for thousands more.

Our Baltimore: the BSO’s Marin Alsop explains how she fell in love with this city

BSO Music Director Marin Alsop says her experience with OrchKids is what made her fall in love with Baltimore.

D. Watkins: We can write President Trump off as a racist, but Baltimore still needs help

We can write President Trump off as a stupid-racist all day, but we would be liars if we acted like our city also doesn’t have serious problems. I say that as a native, as a property owner, as a person who is still burying friends who were victims of gun violence, as a person whose community work in Baltimore has been documented, as a lifelong resident and a citizen who is sick and tired of seeing poor black people ignored.

Our Baltimore: We asked why you love this city; here’s what you had to say

We asked readers to share their versions of Baltimore in 150 words or less and were overwhelmed with images of the city that don’t often make the headlines. And all of it is Baltimore – our Baltimore.

Our Baltimore: Tell us your story

Thousands of people have posted their Baltimore experiences on social media to counter the president’s characterization of our city as filthy and unlivable. Will you add your voice to the chorus? We’re looking for snapshots of daily life in Maryland’s largest city in 150 words or less.



What dictionaries aren’t for

Many people labor under misconceptions about what dictionaries do and what they are for.

Kirwan Commission can’t handle public debate

Kirwan Commission shut out the public from discussions of funding because they can't handle public criticism.

Suburbanites love to tell Baltimore what to do - from afar

Those who criticize Baltimore from the safety of the suburbs do not deserve to have a voice in The Sun.

UM system chancellor: Universities should be involved in making Baltimore better

The institutions in Baltimore that are a part of the University System of Maryland are doing a lot to make Baltimore better.

Meade High article was completely unfair

Recent account of how students at Meade High are more likely to be arrested is extremely misleading.

Spy plane is ripe for abuse

The spy plane that is being pitched to help fight Baltimore crime is rife for abuse of residents' privacy and personal information.

Investment in Park Heights is long overdue

A $10 million investment to be used to rejuvenate Park Heights is long overdue.