Dems: Stop the infighting

In this July 25, 2016 file photo, Donna Brazile, interim chair of the Democratic National Committee, appears on the floor of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

(Paul Sancya / AP)

Everyone in political circles has been talking about Donna Brazile.

Republicans are using her words to further their "crooked Hillary" claims, Bernie supporters are using them as a reason to hate Hillary Clinton even more, and Hillary loyalists are now forced to defend the presidential nominee against them.


Donna Brazile took a cheap shot at the party hoping it would transpire into solid sales for her new book. She told the world that President Barack Obama left the party $24 million in debt with $6 million alone owed to vendors of his 2012 nomination convention, which didn't get paid off until Hillary gave the DNC money from her presidential campaign.

Ms. Brazile claimed she was shocked at the secrecy of the agreement to pay off the DNC debt. I found that quite odd, given that she conspired with the DNC to secretly give Hillary the debate questions. She is not innocent, yet she talks about lighting candles as she called Bernie with the devastating news.


I was aware all Democratic campaigns were offered Joint Fundraising Agreements. I was not aware of which campaigns took advantage and opted in, nor was I aware of most of the conditions and/or stipulations.

Let me be clear about something party leaders have known from the beginning: Hillary Clinton was always going to be the Democratic nominee. Hillary didn't have to bail out the party to secure the nomination. Nobody ever had a chance of taking the nomination from Hillary besides Joe Biden. NOBODY. Once Mr. Biden announced he wasn't running, it was sealed for Hillary. I know that may sting for Bernie supporters to hear, but it’s true. I hope those truly upset about the financial situation of the DNC and what transpired direct most of that frustration at Mr. Obama and not Hillary for the debt that Mr. Obama left the party.

Hillary has always been a selfless woman. After the 2008 election, she owed $20 million and never asked for any help from the party. Some of Mr. Obama's donors gave her money to help, but she dug herself out of her own debt. Even in this past election there is no doubt that it was better for her to save the party and be the nominee than to be the nominee of a collapsed party. There isn't a Democratic strategist that would say differently, and that's exactly what the Democratic Party would have been if she did nothing.

I remember Bernie being asked if he'd raise funds for the Democratic Party as president, and he said "we'll see." I remember the outrage party members felt. We've come to discover Hillary was taking money from her donors to give to the party to pay its monthly expenses. That's the Hillary I know. Even after her loss, she handed over her email list worth millions to the DNC for free. She delivered on her promises and always did what she thought was best. I'll never be mad at her for that.

It seems like every time we try to move forward as a party, some part of our past comes back to remind us of the bitter fight of 2016. It's like pouring salt in an open wound so it won't heal. We've got to move on. Are we so caught up in internal bickering over how Hillary got the Democratic nomination that we'll let the person who may have colluded with the Russians to get his nomination and eventually the presidency have his people continue to have their majority in the House and Senate? We must turn our fight to the other party as if lives depend on it because the reality is that lives really are at stake.

Latia Hopkins is the Mid-Atlantic region director of the Young Democrats of America; Twitter/Instagram: @mstiahopkins.