Trump 'Resistance' may not be futile, but it is folly

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In the 1980s President Ronald Reagan destroyed the U.S.S.R. without firing a shot, leaving the U.S. as the only superpower. With the world's most advanced technologies, economic dominance and unparalleled military strength, we dominated political action in every corner of the globe.

Two Bushes, a Clinton and an Obama followed Reagan, ricocheting from one domestic and international debacle to the next, each coupled to a dysfunctional partisan Congress unresponsive to voters’ concerns. Now, the U.S. finds itself with a shrinking middle class, growing chaos and violence by nihilists and over 50 percent of U.S. households receiving some form of government payments funded by massive internal debt. Flawed trade policies and outsourcing of the manufacturing base in exchange for low cost imports, as well as exported information technology and service industries, have produced unsustainable current account deficits.


The nation is under attack by an amorphous international Islamic movement determined to destroy western civilization; a Mexican strategy to swarm our porous southern border with a massive movement of illegal migrants; a resurgent China determined to replace the U.S. technically, economically, politically and militarily by 2050; and a vengeful Russia we double crossed over NATO expansion in Eastern Europe — as well as by fomenting an anti-Russia coup in the Ukraine — that is determined to return to their position as a global power. U.S. action against Russia has pushed that nation back to a close alliance with China against us as well as an expanded role in the Middle East.

By deposing stable secular governments with authoritarian leaders in Iraq, Libya and Egypt and instigating the civil war in Syria, the beltway elite are responsible for the Middle East chaos, the refugee crisis in Europe and ultimately the rise of nationalist parties as well as Brexit in Europe.

Unhappy with the entrenched political class, 63 million Christians and blue collar, middle class citizens abandoned by the Democratic party cast votes for the vulgarian Donald Trump despite a massive, well-organized campaign in October 2016 to expose The Donald's past sexual exploits, including salacious details about his activities with a variety of women. The religious votes for Mr. Trump were an expression of trust in his promise to reverse the progressive's ideology to promote the diminution of God in society and reject the sanctity of life and the Biblical definition of marriage. The orphan working class chose Mr. Trump because of his promise to reverse the outsourcing of U.S. jobs to low labor cost nations.

Mr. Trump's win threatens the ruling class. Stunned, a cabal of radical politicians, government employees, university professors, entertainment industry elite, Silicon Valley moguls and news media personalities are colluding to destroy him. Their goal: Open borders and socialism candidates winning in November and Mr. Trump’s impeachment for a yet-to-be defined offense. Unable to tie Mr. Trump to Russia, Mr. Trump’s enemies reintroduced his sexual exploits through Stormy Daniels; Bob Woodward concludes in a new book that Mr. Trump is unhinged; a New York Times anonymous op-ed writer from inside the West Wing confirms the Woodward assessment; and former President Obama delivered a scathing anti-Trump rant — all timed for the November elections.

A lucid Mr. Trump used the bully pulpit to force 50 Sunni governments to stop funding Islamic terrorists; destroyed the ISIS caliphate; returned the U.S. to a pro-energy independence mode; and, working with Congress, passed a tax reform bill that encouraged companies to accelerate investments and hiring in the U.S. and, most importantly, will start to reduce the current account deficit by facilitating the repatriation of foreign earnings. He has attacked unequal trade policies with tariffs. His attempts at restricting the entry of potential Muslim terrorists as well as illegal aliens across the southern border have been blocked by the so-called “Resistance.”

Meanwhile, we are facing our most dangerous external threats — from Iran, North Korea, China and Russia — since the 1930s with a Washington coterie that sees Trump only as a threat to their position with no appreciation for the increasingly aggressive stance that Russia and China will take as he is mortally wounded politically.

The Resistance may depose or neuter Mr. Trump, but they will not be happy with what follows.

Charles Campbell is a retired senior vice president of Gulf Oil Corporation; his email is