The left's 'foxlike attitude toward Israel'

The lambs of the world are more afraid of wolves than of foxes. That is unfortunate for those of us who don’t like polyester suits. Fewer available lambs raises the price of wool.

You see, even a dull-witted lamb knows to keep its distance from the neighborhood wolf pack. But foxes are cleverer than wolves. They pose as the lambs’ friend. Then they eat them.


I think that Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is more of a wolf than a fox when it comes to Jews. She just can’t help tweeting another classic anti-Semitic trope every two weeks.

In contrast, the view of many of Ms. Omar’s fellow progressive politicians toward Jewish people is more difficult to discern.


Those pols would never claim that “it’s all about the Benjamins.” (Or the Sauls, Moshes, Sarahs or Davids either, presumably.)

Yet, these same legislators refuse to condemn extremists who brand Israel an illegitimate apartheid state. Instead, they assert that we must have a “discussion” about our Israel policy.

Naturally, these politicians demand unqualified support for the rights of women, LBGTQ people and minorities. Yet they are tepid about the delegitimization of the only state in the Middle East that actually affords equal protection to all of the above.

A lot of progressives also develop laryngitis when some in their ranks claim that they oppose Israel’s very existence as a Jewish state. The assertion is that, by definition, a Jewish state is discriminatory and “racist.”

Funny, you never hear these solons scream that the many Islamic states where Sharia law applies are discriminatory against, say, Jews. (In all fairness, their silence may be somewhat justified. There are no Jews who dare live in most of those countries because of overt anti-Semitism. In contrast, Israel boasts a substantial Muslim minority.)

My leftist friends also seem to have no problem with doing business with, for example, China or Cuba, where opposition political rallies are limited to one person in a solitary prison cell. Yet these lefties support or tolerate those who support the boycott, divest and sanction (BDS) movement against Israel. This, even though the Jewish state has more political parties of all stripes than there are Starbucks baristas in Manhattan.

The unifying principle, however concealed by the progressive foxes, is clear. If a state is not Jewish, it may persecute, imprison or execute members of any political or minority group it chooses to, without fear of sanction. But if the one Jewish state defends itself against terrorists who attack school buses, it is grounds for a worldwide boycott.

Accordingly, I urge my fellow Jews to send some “Benjamins” to Ilhan Omar’s reelection campaign. Through her unvarnished bigotry, she exposes the anti-Semitic double standard that undergirds the left’s foxlike attitude toward Israel.


Who knows, Ms. Omar’s frank prejudice, and the lack of opposition to it by many progressives, may yet rouse even uber-liberal Jews from their lamb-like stupor — a stupor that prevents them from seeing where the most dangerous anti-Semitism really lurks.

Marc Berman ( is an attorney who writes on politics, law and current events.