Ehrlich on Schaefer: He believed in professional wrestling but not partisanship

He could be brought to tears by the plight of a citizen down on his luck.

He could be made to laugh when his idiosyncrasies were made the topic of (even public) discussion.

He would forgive and forget even the most egregious acts — if he believed the offender had operated from the heart.

He would play the fool in the interest of erecting buildings or helping the downtrodden — the only two things he really cared about anyway.

He could not (and would not) stand for acts of ugly partisanship, for he did not see Republicans or Democrats — only whether you were with him or against him.

He could be downright mean and ill-tempered when public servants failed in their daily tasks.

He was rather easily intimidated when strong women in his life put their foot down (thank God Kendel was one of those women).

He was the product of his generation — and never politically correct.

He was never intimidated by the actions of political opponents.

He was truly irritated by the media — too many questions that were just going to get in his way.

He (mostly) believed that professional wrestling was real — and he was always for the "good guys."

He honestly believed Robert Irsay — and never got over the hurt.

He (at times) liked being governor because he could serve an entire state — despite his "friends" in the legislature.

He loved (at all times) being mayor because he could put an entire city on his back — and lead it to better days.

He was America's Mayor before anybody ever heard of Rudy Giuliani.

He was my colleague — confidante — friend.

I (we) will sorely miss my friend — William Donald Schaefer.

Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. was governor from 2003-2007 and served on the Board of Public Works with Comptroller William Donald Schaefer.

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