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Watch what's going on behind the spectacle | Letters

Americans have become more and more mesmerized by the spectacle of the Trump-Russia, Trump-Comey, who said what, who was where with whom and why, and rightly so. The fact that an outside world power has meddled in the heart of our democratic processes should be thoroughly investigated. Meanwhile, self-proclaimed "patriotic" Republicans in the House and Senate have quietly been chipping away at our principles of democratically powered government.

In the past few days while attention was elsewhere, Republicans in the House of Representatives have passed legislation to repeal the Dodd-Frank regulations on the financial industry. We will have the same unbridled actions by greedy Wall Street tycoons, unscrupulous financial institutions, corrupt bankers, shady loan officers, fraudulent credit managers and destructive real estate developers that gave us the recession of 2008.

In the Senate, Republicans are going to have a vote on Trumpcare without a single hearing on the Senate floor. They apparently never had any intention of substantially amending the House version of health care, as they said they would. This is a matter that affects millions upon millions of people, and will have no input from anyone; not from Democrats, not from insurance experts, not from private citizens. Power to the people? I think not.

Empires crumble more often from corruption within than from outside conquest. Just ask the Romans.

Bill Longmuir, Margate

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