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McCain-Trump: Lost a good one, stuck with other

One thing you can say about President Donald Trump is that he is consistent. Given an opportunity to display his vulgarity, mean spiritedness and ignorance, he never fails to stoop to the occasion.

The latest example is his response to the death of an American hero, Sen. John McCain. The most horrible period in Senator McCain's life, undoubtedly, was the years he spent in the Hanoi Hilton being tortured by the North Vietnamese, a captive after his Navy fighter plane was shot down. Given the opportunity of release, a propaganda ploy, he chose to stay with his fellow prisoners until they were all released. That was an act of heroism and courage that few could match.

All that President Trump knows about military service is that he managed to avoid it. Multiple deferments, at least one due to bone spurs in his heels, got him out.

He had little to say about Senator McCain's passing. The usual flags at half mast for the death of a sitting senator were refused until the uproar from all sides of the political spectrum brought the president to come to his senses (“Under pressure from lawmakers and veterans, Trump tersely recognizes McCain’s service and re-lowers White House flag,” Aug. 27). Obviously, John McCain did not need, nor seek, the approval of the current president. He saw him for the charlatan that he is and asked that Mr. Trump not attend his funeral. The driver of the “Straight Talk Express" knew a crooked talker when he saw one.

Sadly, a good man is taken away while we are stuck with his opposite in the White House for a while longer. Life isn't always fair.

Sig Seidenman, Owings Mills

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