HBO's "Baltimore Rising" opens on a brilliant note. The documentary directed by Sonja Sohn, of "The Wire," instantly establishes itself visually with a slow scan of the boarded-up row houses that have become the dominant media image of this city. But that is just the platform for a very deep dive.

Justice might mean different things to different people, as pointed out in your editorial about justice in wake of Freddie Gray, “What justice means” (Nov. 28). For me, the element of truth is an inherent component when talking about justice and fairness in the way people are treated and dealt with. I venture to say that Baltimore’s police commissioner, mayor and City Council have not done justice for the people of Baltimore. This is based on five truths.

Truth No. 1. Baltimore City Police Commissioner Kevin Davis has performed in an incompetent manner far too long. If he wants to do what is in the best interest of his department and Baltimore citizens, he should resign effective immediately.


Truth No. 2. Mayor Catherine Pugh is in way over her head. She should call a press conference to apologize to the citizens of Baltimore for her failure to be properly prepared to serve her constituents when she took the oath of office last year.

Truth No. 3. The current members of the Baltimore City Council should also make an apology for their underplaying the incompetence of Police Commissioner Davis, for their underestimating the lack of morale of the majority of good officers in the Baltimore City Police Department, and for their lack of courage in demanding that the commissioner resign.

Truth No. 4. The FBI should take over full control of the investigation of Det. Sean Suiter’s murder. This action would ensure no cover-ups from Police Commissioner Davis.

Truth No. 5. The editors of The Baltimore Sun have not served their readers in a just manner due to the blinders they are wearing which prevent them from seeing what a true mess the city government has become. The fact that several Carroll County school trips to the city are halted due to a concern about the “escalating violence” in the city speaks volumes to what is happening to the city.

When the editors of The Sun continue to justify their adherence to a liberal thought process with excuses and platitudes rather than dealing with real solutions for the crime problem in Baltimore City, they are merely prolonging the humongous mess.The editors stated that doing more than just talk is needed to bring justice for Freddie Gray. The same can be said for bringing justice for the citizens of Baltimore.

Yes, the truth hurts. It is painful, but as the saying goes, without pain, there is no gain.

Ralph Jaffe, Baltimore

The writer is a Democratic candidate for governor in 2018.