Does O'Malley have what it takes to be president?

We don’t wish to be presumptuous, but we have a suspicion that former Gov. Martin O’Malley isn’t holding a big event on Federal Hill Saturday to announce he’s giving up politics and endorsing Hillary Clinton. Rather, it appears all but certain that he’s going to do what a lot of people around town have assumed he was aiming for since he first ran for City Council: declare his candidacy for president. Given the juggernaut that is the Clinton campaign, most of the talk surrounding this event is focused on whether Mr. O’Malley has the faintest chance of capturing the Democratic nomination. We on The Sun's editorial board would like to take the occasion instead to explore the question of whether he would actually make a good president. Based on our years of experience in watching him up close, we offer four reasons to think he might and four reasons to think he might not.

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