Joe Biden's detractors display a heightened level of hypocrisy

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden Biden walks down the stairs as he arrives at Torrejon de Ardoz Militar Base, near Madrid, Friday, May 7, 2010.(AP Photo/Daniel Ochoa de Olza)
U.S. Vice President Joe Biden Biden walks down the stairs as he arrives at Torrejon de Ardoz Militar Base, near Madrid, Friday, May 7, 2010.(AP Photo/Daniel Ochoa de Olza) (/ AP)

Re "Joe Biden allegations could be a teachable #MeToo moment" (April 2): President Trump admitted before his election that he "groped women's genitals because celebrities can get away with anything" and still was elected to the highest office in our country.

Former Vice President Joe Biden rubbed noses with one woman and kissed another on the top of her head and is being pilloried for being too touchy-feely.


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If the women felt these gestures were so egregious, why didn't they reveal these so-called altercations immediately instead of waiting to announce it to the media?

Sounds like a hypocritical political ploy to me.


Bunny Landis


Boy, are you falling hook, line and sinker for the progressives' ruse on Biden. He's leading in the polls and is too middle of the road for some in the Democrat party.

So, what to do? Bring out allegations from five to ten years ago, admittedly non-sexual, to knock him out of the race. One can write the script on this one.

Susan Page

Bankers Hill

It seems like hysteria has a pattern. We've seen this before.

First, let me say I am against any form of "abuse" (sexual, religious, race or ethnic), they have no place in our society. I'm not saying anyone is lying or that Biden did or did not do what is claimed. What I'm talking about is the hysteria that can easily creep in to any dialogue and the harm it can do. Let's go back to the 80's when Oprah Winfrey and her huge platform convinced the world, and I'm not overstating it here, that virtually all children were abused and virtually all parents were abusers. Many innocent people were swept away with this as innuendos and the slightest perceived "abuse" was prosecuted and lives ruined as the facts in many cases proved false. Now we have the MeToo movement, a long overdue cause, but perhaps we need to be aware that a good thing can easily morph in to hysteria where the presumption of guilt is first and innocence is not an option. Let's be careful and be aware how easily hysteria is fueled by today's social media where perception and reality may, in fact, be different.

Joe Secola


I'm concerned and worried. Reading about the current Joe Biden issue and Karla Peterson's column ("Joe Biden allegations could be a teachable #MeToo moment," April 1), are we moving in the right direction? It seems our political correctness is off the charts. That current movements such as #MeToo will do more to alienate us than achieve equality and respect. We have to be overly cautious in what we say. We have to be worried if an inadvertent or innocent touch of another human being is offensive. We seem to read into everything, hoping to find something to further one's agenda. Is all change good? I believe we are a product of our times. My father told me in his day that one's word or handshake was a contract. Now the most ironclad written contract can be invalid. Only time will tell if these present movements and trends will be changes for good, or getting closer to the thought police.

Greg Pharis

Spring Valley

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