1. Please describe your educational and professional background and how it has prepared you to serve on the City Council.

My first degree is in Political Science from Morgan State University. My second degree is in Law from the University of Baltimore School of Law. I have life experience having been born and raised in Baltimore City.


2. Why do you want to serve on the council? What would your top priorities be if you are elected?

I believe I can make a positive impact in my district. I have been living in Cherry Hill and the 10th District. Education, increased economic opportunities, employment, housing and transportation decreasing crime.

3. Do you support Baltimore's current crime-fighting strategy? What changes, if any, would you advocate for to improve public safety in the city?

Accountability and transparency.

4. Do you support the recent reforms in the Baltimore City school system? Do you believe any changes are needed in the schools' governance structure (such as direct mayoral control or an elected school board)?

I would favor and elected school board but I would not favor direct mayoral control. I believe the sovereignty of the school board should remain intact as it supports their independence from the influence of political interests and interest groups.

5. How would you address the city's backlog in school maintenance and renovations, estimated to be as much as $2 billion?

I would promote the proposal of the ACLU in addressing our school's capital improvements backlog.

6. Property taxes have become a major issue in this year's election. Do you believe the city's tax rate needs to be cut? If so, by how much, and what steps would you take to keep the city's budget in balance while lowering the rate?

I would need more information to properly answer this question.

7. The city has faced large budget shortfalls in recent years. If that trend continues, what top priorities would you protect from cuts? In what areas would you pursue spending reductions?

Education and public safety.

8. Baltimore has lost tens of thousands of jobs in the last decade. What would you do to encourage economic development and provide employment opportunities for city residents?

If developers want to build in Baltimore City they should reserve a percentage of their jobs for the residents in the community they are affecting. They must provide a benefit to the community and not drain its resources.