WNST axes 5 including GM, producer, 2 on-air hosts

Radio station WNST Friday laid off five employees including the general manager, a show producer and two on-airs hosts.

Station founder Nestor Aparicio told the staff Friday morning.


Here's what Aparicio wrote of the five and their dismissals:

Today, I announced the departure of several veteran folks – Drew Forrester, Glenn Clark, Ryan Chell and my office staff of general manager Paul Kopelke and Ashley Bishoff – in effort to create a basic change in the way we're doing content and our radio format at & AM 1570. They came to work every day and they gave everything they had to WNST. They're good, hard-working, honest people and I wish them absolutely nothing but the best in their future.

Chell confirmed his separation Friday afternoon. He produced much of the local broadcast day on WNST, while Forrester and Clark held on-air shifts.

Clark, who was on weekdays noon to 3 p.m., also confirmed the news, saying he found out Friday morning.

"The community of WNST listeners we had was simply amazing and I can't wait to figure out how to re-connect with them," he said in an email response to the Sun seeking comment. "I'm grateful for all of the talented people-namely Ryan Chell and Drew Forrester who were also fired-I had the chance to work with on a daily basis. I'll be talking to everyone again soon."

Forrester was on-air from 6 to 10 a.m. weekdays.

The only full-time, on-air employes reportedly still at the station are Aparacio and Luke Jones, who covers the Ravens for the station.

In his post, Aparicio wrote at length about changes in his personal life -- some of them linked to his wife's health.

In response to a Sun email seeking clarification of the moves, Aparicio wrote that he would announce his "plans for relaunch" at the station next week.

Aparicio's name was spelled incorrectly in an earlier version of this post.