"VEEP" keeps getting better week by week. And the last couple of weeks, it feels as if the HBO comedy has really found its feet.

Baltimore viewers will be especially interested in the ending of Sunday's episode as it sets the wheels in motion for a trip next week that will bring Vice President Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) to Camden Yards. The episode includes appearances by Baltimore Orioles pitchers Jake Arrieta and Tommy Hunter, as well as former Orioles pitcher Jim Palmer. All three get to meet Meyer, who makes a rather large announcement to her boyfriend standing on home plate.

The development in Sunday's episode that will lead to Meyer's day in Baltimore involves the President of the United States putting her in charge of his obesity initiative. As Meyer sees it, the duty is a last slap in the face from POTUS on a day filled with them.

 And, of course, it comes even after she had been a good soldier and used her tie-breaking Senate vote to defeat her own initiative -- following a weird turn of events that threatened to put her in hot water with the White House if she didn't.

She has no sympathy for overweight people -- zero, none.

"The President knows I am made uncomfortable by fat people," she tells Amy (Anna Chlumsky), her chief of staff as Sunday's final credits start to roll across part of the screen. "You want to know the secret to keeping weight off? Shut your (expletive) pie hole.... Put down the cupcake."

Jonah (Timothy C. Simons), the hated White House liaison to her office, passive-aggressively taunts her with word of the assignment, saying, "You drew the fat straw, madam."

The hardest thing about re-capping "VEEP" is that you can include virtually none of the marvelously profane language from which so much of the angry humor springs.

And yet amid all the humor, anger and four-letter words, comes a moment like the one after the vote when a weary Meyer asks her aide, "Is this what I got into politics to do, Amy?" 

And then, creator Armando Iannucci has Meyer undercut even that emotion. No soft and fuzzy stuff here.

The title of the episode, by the way, is "Nicknames," and some of the funniest moments involve Meyer insisting her aides tell her what kind of online nicknames she has. Seconds after telling them what a "thick skin" she has, Meyer is visibly rattled by the snark people are directing her way via various plays on the letters "v" and "p" -- like Viagra Prohibitor, which at first sounds to her like a good thing until her aides deconstruct it for her.