David Zurawik

Taking on errors at New York Times and Bernie Sanders in Baltimore

I was part of two spirited discussions Sunday on CNN's "Reliable Sources."

The panel also included Eric Deggans, TV critic for NPR, and Jane Hall, associate professor at American University. Show host Brian Stelter was the moderator.


One segment dealt with major errors in "New York Times" stories on Hillary Clinton, the San Bernardino terrorists and President Obama.

The other dealt with allegations by Bernie Sanders', Democratic candidate for president, that corporate media were undercovering him.


One of the charges leveled Sunday on the CNN show by Jeff Weaver, Sanders' campaign manager, made my blood boil. Talking about Sanders' recent visit to the Baltimore neighborhood in which Freddie Gray had lived, Weaver suggested that it took Sanders coming to Baltimore to get media to properly cover such stories.

I said the Baltimore Sun was covering that story with every resource it had long before Bernie Sanders ever came to town.

I can't post the videos here because of software issues.

But here is a link to the Sanders video, and here's one to the discussion on the Times. (And here's a link to a discussion at Mediaite about our discussion.)

Please check them out and let me know what you think. I enjoyed being part of both conversations.