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Some snow movies while you wait for the plows to arrive

Zurawik: I am not saying it's sane, but I am watching one of these snowbound movies tonight.

Now that you have survived a real blizzard, how about some snow movies as you officially go stir crazy?

Really, I'm watching one of these tonight. Don't ask me why. I think it's partially because this is a snow experience I CAN control -- as opposed to having been worried since last Wednesday about the storm that was coming.

Anyway, if my 10 suggestions yesterday for binge TV-show viewing didn't grab you, try one of these idiosyncratic movie picks.

1.    "Misery" — Stephen King’s famous story about a writer rescued by a fan during a snow storm. This is a cautionary tale about not only surviving the storm but surviving the aftermath, too.

2.   "The Sittaford Mystery" — This is an old Agatha Christie movie, updated on PBS, based on a very famous book about a murderer who comes alive when there’s a snow storm.

3.    "Ethan Frome"—Liam Neeson, who’s made a living out of being caught in the cold, stars in this adaptation of the Edith Wharton novel. It’s a bleak winter outside, and it’s even worse inside in a movie that defines downbeat. (“The Grey,” also in the cold with Neeson, is upbeat compared to this one. I fear I am going to look like Neeson does in the picture accompanying this post by the time the City of Baltimore plows get to my sidestreet.)

4.    "Before and After" — Neeson again in this minor film classic, with Meryl Streep playing his physician wife. Their son has been up to no good with a girl in a car stuck in the snow.

5.    "Murder on the Orient Express"—There’s been a movie-movie and a TV movie, and both are superb. It’s a luxury train filled with luxury passengers stopped dead by snow on the tracks in this five-star murder mystery.

6.    Take the snow out to the country for this romantic comedy of a few years back with “The Holiday.” Starring Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law and Jack Black.

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