David Fincher

Even as sets are being built in the Baltimore area for the $100 million Netflix remake of "House of Cards," a report out of Hollywood says producer-director David Fincher might not be on board.

Fincher, who directed "The Social Network, and star Kevin Spacey are the big names driving the remake of a 1990 BBC production about scheming, back-stabbing and spinning in the halls of Parliament. The Netflix version sets the story in Washington and includes Robin Wright in its cast. Fincher is supposed to be directing the pilot.

Locally, the remake is a big deal because of all the money that will be spent in Maryland in coming months if the production is on track. Nationally and globally, it's a big story because it is the first major foray by Netflix into original programming.

Here's the story from the Hollywood Reporter saying Fincher wants more money. More than $100 million is a lot to ask, and if the report is accurate, I do not think he is going to get it.

At this point, I say read the Reporter piece with some sketicism. It could be driven by rivals of Netflix still smarting over being outbid for the project -- though making what is said to be a commitment for 26 episodes without a pilot as Netflix did is a bigger risk than others like HBO were willing to take.

A series like HBO's "VEEP," which launches its first season April 22 started with a pilot, and then HBO committed to the eight episodes. That is the more traditional model for such productions.

But what do you think after reading the Reporter story?