For some Baltimore viewers, Ravens telecast is broadcast in Spanish

In addition to watching the Ravens through a lot of real snow on their screens, some area viewers were hearing the Fox telecast Sunday in Spanish instead of English during the first half.

The problem with the Fox telecast appeared to be limited to Verizon Fios subscribers watching in HD and some viewers receiving the telecast over the air. Verizon subscribers could receive the English language version by clicking out of HD.

But the Verizon experience was a weird one on HD, with the game starting without any sound. Then, the audio came on in Spanish. Then English. And then, it flipped in and out of Spanish and English.

And through it all, the ads were English.

That’s television: They always get the ads right anyway.

Viewers watching on Comcast or receiving the game on satellite via DirecTV experienced none of the audio problems Sunday, which indicated that the source of the issue was not Fox.

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