Oscars 2012: Streep beams

You figure this would be old hat for Meryl Streep by now, given that she's been nominated for about a gazillion Oscars.

But a clearly delighted Streep said hearing her name announced from the Oscars' stage was a near-surreal experience.

"They call your name, and you go into like this white light," said a smiling, joking Streep. "I felt like a kid."

Noting that 29 years have passed since she won her last Oscar (for "Sophie's Choice"), Streep put the passing years into perspective. When she last won, Streep noted, two of her fellow nominees "were not even conceived."

(That would be Michelle Williams and Rooney Mara, FYI).

With three Oscars now on her prize mantel, Streep was asked if she was ready to challenge Katharine Hepburn's record.

"Did she have more?" Streep asked with a wink. Told Hepburn had won four, Streep responded, "Oh well, OK."