David Zurawik

How Obama's TV-Lite strategy diminishes presidency and us

I have been writing for the last two weeks about President Barack Obama's TV-Lite strategy of only doing interviews with the likes Jay Leno, MTV's Sway, US Weekly and Jon Stewart. In other words, only safe and friendly interviewers.

And, indeed, as I have reported with Leno's "Tonight Show" interview, all the comedian did was lob one softball after another. Stewart and Sway asked actual questions about such matters as the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, but they didn't follow up when the president failed to answer the question they asked -- and instead hit his campaign talking points.

Here's a conversation I had Sunday on CNN's "Reliable Sources" with host Howard Kurtz about what is lost when the president chooses to campaign this way -- and media outlets allow themselves to be shamelessly used by him.