Miley Cyrus makes a splash on 'SNL' with 'We Did Stop (The Government)'

One of the very best parts of the Miley Cyrus-hosted "Saturday Night Live" on October 5 was a music video. A parody of Miley's "We Can't Stop," "We Did Stop (The Government)" pokes fun at the government shutdown while holding true to the style and tone of the original.

It's pretty incredible.


Cyrus herself plays the character of Michele Bachmann in the video, while "SNL" actor Taran Killam appears as John Boehner. Between them, the two take full credit for the current shutdown of the government (deriving from Congress' inability to come to any sort of consensus). But political deadlock has never been so sexy before.

Some of the highlights of "We Did Stop" include

-- The rather amazing spray tan sported by "John Boehner

-- An Uncle Sam with smoke blowing out from between his legs

--Tongues -- between them, Killam and Cyrus stick out their tongues 16 times

-- A Capitol built entirely out of what we can only assume are freedom fries

-- "Out of Twerk" spelled out by the alphabet soup

-- Miley giving Abraham Lincoln a big lick

-- Dancing elephant

-- President Obama looking inside in horror from a darkened window

Did "We Did Stop" work for you? Do you like it better than the original video?