Looking to go behind the scenes at this year's Academy Awards?

Wondering what Daniel Day-Lewis will say after he wins the Oscar for "Lincoln" Sunday night?

Check here to find out.


Anybody can watch the Oscars, but Baltimore Sun readers will have a special in, as I'll be blogging from the pressroom backstage -- it's the place where they take the winners after they're whisked off the floor -- with quotes, tidbits, observations and maybe even a snarky comment or two.

This marks the 18th year I'll be reporting from the Oscars ("Braveheart" won the first year I made the trip), and it's always exciting to see not only who will win, but what sort of silliness will ensue after the winners are announced. Will anyone drop the f-bomb this year? (It's happened two years in a row now.) Who will act the most shocked to have won? Who will be asked the stupidest question? (I remember one "journalist" who asked a very pregnant Natalie Portman, who had just won for "Black Swan," if she would name her child Oscar. She said No.)

My weekend blogging stint will actually begin late Saturday night, after the Razzies are awarded to dis-honor the worst Hollywood has to offer. The 2012 Worst Picture nominees are "Battleship," "That's My Boy!" (from perennial Razzie honoree Adam Sandler), "A Thousand Words," "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II" and something called "The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure" (which grossed an astounding $1.1 million at the U.S. box office when it played last September).

Seeing as how this is their last chance, 2012 may be the year the Razzie folks decide to dump mercilessly on a "Twilight" film; most of the others have passed under their radar screen with little notice. Still, with perennial champ Sandler in there again, I wouldn't bet against him.

Then, on Sunday, it's on to the Oscars. I hope to post a few pieces from the red carpet beforehand, but the blogging should start in earnest shortly after the first award is announced. Wonder how long it will take before host Seth McFarlane says something everyone'll wish he hadn't?

Talk to you guys Sunday. Get your Oscar pool bets down now.

(Chris Kaltenbach)