Kevin Spacey wins Golden Globe as best drama actor

Kevin Spacey, star of Maryland-made "House of Cards," won a Golden Globe Sunday night as best actor in a drama.

And he won it over some tough competition including Dominick West, who starred in Showtime's "The Affair," which won the Golden Globe as best drama.


It was Spacey's eighth nomination, and he was bleeped as he tried to suggest how shocked he was to finally win.

But Spacey went on to deliver one of the most eloquent acceptance speeches of the night in sharing an anecdote from a meeting he had with Stanley Kramer ("Judgment at Nuremberg") in the final days of the legendary filmmaker's life.

The point of the anecdote was to try and continue to grow as an artist and do both good and socially conscious work.

Like Kramer, Spacey has done both. Congratulations to him on the award.

Robin Wright, who won last year as best actress, was again nominated. But Ruth Wilson, from "The Affair," won the Globe.

I picked "The Affair" as my drama of the year in a 2014 year-end piece.

"House of Cards" returns Feb. 27 on Netflix.

Here's a link to the Season 3 trailer that was released Sunday night.