In the wake of the release of Donald Trump's hot-mic "Access Hollywood" tape, I wrote that this presidential campaign was as much of a watershed moment in terms of gender as the 2008 was in terms of race.

It wasn't just a matter of the first woman likely being elected president of the United States. It was about the way male privilege -- from the gaze to sexual assault -- was coming under attack in the culture with Trump as the primary target. In that context, I said the arc of this campaign ran from August 2015, when Megyn Kelly called out Trump in the first Fox debate for his misogynistic comments, to -- so far -- that video with Trump boasting of his assaults. Read it and see a video here.


Last night, Kelly struck another righteous blow when she took down one of the great gasbags of American politics: Newt Gingrich. Along with Roger Ailes and Bill Cosby, Gingrich is another baby boomer male who apparently didn't get the memo that their time had passed. It is a new day, and Kelly is one of the voices of the annunciation -- certainly the most eloquent and forceful media voice in Campaign 2016. And God bless her for having the courage and skill to do it.

You have probably seen the video from Kelly's Tuesday night show already. I wonder if ultimately it will be seen by more people than the first game of the World Series.

But even if you have seen it, check it out again here, and look at three moments. First, note how Gingrich goes off when she uses the term "sexual predator" to describe Trump.

How dare she speak the truth about another privileged male to to this man of privilege? And how dare the words come from a woman?

Then, check the way he tries to bully her into repeating after him: that Bill Clinton is a sexual predator.

Finally, check out how she dismisses him like a schoolboy at the end of the interview, instructing him to spend some time working on his "anger issues."

What a perfect way to put him in his place. I am surprised his head didn't explode right there on Fox News.

I am speaking metaphorically now, so please spare me any social media mad talk about how I am advocating violence or bad things happening to people.

But we are in "Game of Thrones" time in this presidential campaign when it comes to the deeper cultural current of gender underpinning it. And Kelly and Hillary Clinton are the warriors.

One is doing it at the anchor desk, the other in debates. They are cutting off the heads of these men who are trying to hold back the forces of change. They are lopping them off and sticking them on poles at the edge of our media village for millions to see. They are announcing a new age in gender relations.

Say goodnight, Donald, Roger, Bill and Newt.