Jennifer Lawrence and the shot heard 'round Hollywood

The Baltimore Sun

In the course of a five-minute interview before the assembled Hollywood press, Best Actress Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence dropped the f-bomb without dropping the f-bomb, denied falling on purpose as she approached the Oscar stage and acknowledged having a quick drink before the show. But that didn't explain her tumble on the way up the stairs of the Dolby Theatre.

Lawrence, who endearingly always seems to work without a filter when being interviewed, laughed that she was providing everyone with ammunition for making fun of her. But she didn't really seem to mind, laughing almost continuously and generally just having a blast.

"I'm sorry -- I had a shot before," she said.

One reporter asked if she had fallen on purpose as she approached the stage. She said no, and then was asked what happened. (Clearly, not all Oscar questions are created equal.)

"I tried to walk upstairs in this dress, that's what happened," she said, showing off the billowing gown that could have tripped up just about anybody.

And what was she thinking as she fell? "A bad word," she explained, "that begins with an 'F'"


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