I saw a lot of Iowa straw poll coverage this weekend, and some of it was pretty awful. But nothing made me want to gag like this exchange between Mike Huckabee and Michele Bachmann Saturday night on Huckabee's weekly conflict-of-interest hour that Fox tries to present as a variety/talk show.

Less than 48 hours after Fox News received high praise from me and other critics and analysts for its handling of the GOP presidential candidates debate, comes this sorry exchange. And understand, the praise Fox News received for Thursday's debate efforts was a result of the tough, journalistic questions posed by Bret Baier and Chris Wallace.


But, as if the people running the channel couldn't stand being treated with respect and considered a credible source of information on GOP politics, here comes Huckabee thanking Bachmann on behalf of "every Christian believer who loves the word of God" for saying a wife should be submissive to her husband. (And spare me the mumbo-jumbo about Christians having a secret language only they know and understand in which submission really means respect. Where does it say husbands should be submissive to their wives?)

This is what passes for an interview -- the first interview no less after her Iowa victory (razor-thin as it was over a guy no one thinks will win another state let alone a caucus or primary, Ron Paul).

Here's part of what you will hear him say to Bachmann on the video:

Your answer the other night when asked about the question of Biblical submission and what that meant -- I thought was one of the most articulate, one of the most effective, one of the most brilliant.

On behalf of every Christian believer who loves the Word of God and loves traditional marriage, I want to say 'thank you' for helping people to understand what that means and what it doesn't mean. Your answer was brilliant.

And after you look at this pathetic exchange, check out another video of Huckabee fronting a TV ad calling for the repeal of the health plan signed into law last year by President Obama. The ad is now playing on Fox News and other cable news channels. See it here.

Does Fox New have any standards, letting this guy pimp for this partisan cause that urges viewers to sign a petition?

Oh wait, it's OK, he can do anything he wants even while working on a channel with the word "News" in its title because, as he says in the Bachmann video, his program is not an "objective news show." So, that means he can be a full-blown, political pimp -- as well as the spokesman for "every Christian believer."