Red Hot Chili Peppers

CBS radio is billing it as "the alternative rock music Baltimore grew up and the personalities who made it popular" returning to the airwaves starting at noon today with the debut of HFS at 97.5 FM on the local radio dial.

Featured artists on the playlist will include:  Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, Coldplay, Incubus, and Green Day, according to the station's release.


Station personalities will include: Tim Virgin, Gina Crash, Jenn Marino,Chris Emery, and Neci.

One  question is whether HFS will be going for the some of the same audience as WTMD-FM, the Towson Unibversity station? If so, will it make a difference to listeners that one is CBS corporate and one is university non-profit owned?

The station can also be heard on 106.5 FM HD2 starting at noon Monday.

Here's the release:

The alternative rock music Baltimore grew up with and the personalities who made it popular return to the local airwaves when "HFS" debuts on Monday, August 1.  The station will feature tracks from artists such as Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, Coldplay, Incubus, and Green Day, along with live and local hosts presenting the music.  Listeners can tune-in to the station beginning at 12 Noon on WWMX 106.5 HD2 or 97.5 FM.  The station will continue to be streamed online at www.hfs975.com or via the Radio.com app for a variety of mobile devices.

Bob Philips, Senior Vice President and Market Manager of CBS RADIO Baltimore said, "The music made popular by HFS has lived on long after the station went off the air.  HFS has built a loyal following online and now those listeners can have more access than ever before as we bring back one of Baltimore's well-known brands to radio stations across the dial.

"HD Radio Technology allows us to offer additional channels of programming alongside our over the air stations, and through a relationship with the owners of 97.5 we have this unique opportunity to expand the reach of the HFS programming. " 

Personalities familiar to the "HFS" audience return to anchor the station's programming, including Tim Virgin, who was first heard on the station in 2000, Gina Crash, a well-know HFS personality from the late 90's, Jenn Marino, longtime radio personality Chris Emery, and Neci. Neci has the notoriety of being the only DJ who has hosted every HFStival—all nineteen of them. 

HFS listeners will also hear "Loveline with Mike & Dr. Drew," an entertaining and informative show offering advice to callers about relationships and addiction, weeknights  from 10:00PM to Midnight.