David Zurawik

Details set for Artscape performance by cast members of 'The Wire'

Details for a performance at Artscape by former cast members of HBO "The Wire" have been finalized, according to a release from Rewired for Change, the non-profit founded by Sonja Sohn.

Here's part of the release:


On July 18, former The Wire cast members, including Dominic West, Michael Kenneth Williams, Wendell Pierce, Seth Gilliam, Chad L. Coleman, Larry Gilliard, Jr, Andre Royo, Gbenga Akinnagbe, Jaime Hector, Tristan 'Mack' Wilds and Felicia 'Snoop' Pearson, will reunite for WIRED UP!: A Celebration of the Spirit and Power of the People of Baltimore.  The afternoon celebration is designed to inspire, engage and uplift the Baltimore community. Held at the Lyric Opera House, the 1200-person free event, will serve to profile four of Baltimore's 'unsung heroes' through the presentation of the Wired Up! Awards, while recognizing their tireless commitment to the community.

The actors will participate in a program that includes an original 30-minute piece that gives stage to not only the voices from inside the Baltimore Uprising, but also the hope, power and strength that remains.  The event will close with a surprise musical guest performance from one of today's hottest performers.


Participating members of the cast issued a joint statement regarding the purpose of their performance saying, "One of the root causes of the Baltimore Uprising was a feeling that the people, particularly those living in marginalized communities, have not been listened to by the establishment.  Their needs and demands for more jobs and policies that reflected their interests were not being addressed, which led to frustration that festered and became a powder keg, of sorts.  As artists, we know the power - and necessity - of channeling that energy.  

"Wired Up! is our attempt to create a platform for the people in a creative and inspiring way; to give voice to their experiences and to use creativity as a way to inspire them to continue their journey of working for change in their city.  By offering them a way to connect with one another, to community leaders and to advocacy groups, we feel we can truly wire people up, inspiring them to work towards their deepest desire for a better life, better neighborhoods and a better, more socially-engaged and community-connected city of Baltimore."

After their performance, the cast will attend a two hour VIP reception, open to a small group of donors, community members and luminaries. Proceeds from the fundraiser go to ReWired For Change as a part of the Wired Up! Community Activation Grants Funding Campaign.

Tickets for the Wired Up! celebration and VIP fundraiser are available online at: All program tickets are free, but attendees must register online to attend.

More information about the performance available at: